Welcome to TS Home Decor!

We give a new life to pre-loved materials without making style compromises. So that you can enjoy your home more.

Sustainable and eco-friendly home decor choices

We at TS Home Dercor believe in the happy union of eco-friendliness and style. Our products are made of locally sourced and recycled materials, and we want to make it easy for you to make sustainable choices, without compromising on your style

Hi, I’m Titi! I’m the founder of TS Home Decor. I’ve always been fascinated by finding a used item and figuring out a way to give it a new life. This is also how TS Home Decor came to life. Do you want to learn all the twists and turns along the way? Read my whole story


“Lovely Christmas decorations, looks really good!”

“Lovely items made from recycled materials!”

“So many lovely items. Had one sent to me to Finland!”