Hello, I’m Titi! I’m the founder of TS Home Decor.

I have always loved to do things with my hands. When I was a kid, I made clothes and furniture for my Barbies. I upcycled yogurt and mini cola cans into chairs and used old scrap-pieces of fabrics for their clothes. I have always been curious of making things of my own and unique.

TS Home Decor was born out of inspiration and motivation to try out different styles and techniques and to bring eco-friendly and personal home decoration available to others as well.

Having lived in many countries, I have experienced
what many international families experience these days: settling in a new country and making your and your family feel like at home – it wasn’t always easy. What started as creating home decoration items for my own use, soon became a start of a new business. 

Today TS Home Decor is a company creating unique and eco-friendly home decoration products that that are locally produced and hand-made from recycled materials. I am aiming to see the potential under the surface of recycled materials and use them to make it easy to contribute to a more sustainable way of living and make environment-friendly choices that also represent personal style.

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